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HorseWorks Wyoming's
Western Equine Center

HorseWorks Wyoming's Western Equine Center (WEC) introduces enthusiasts, whether more experienced equestrians, or those entering equine-related professions who want in-depth, hands-on experience, to the world of Western horsemanship and training.  We offer three options: Full Horsemanship Experience, Internship/Externship, and Observer.  Buying your first horse?  Attend a session to learn more about the in's and out's of horse ownership before taking the plunge.

As the great horseman, Pat Wyse, says, "When you're horseback, you're either training or untraining."

This applies any time you are around your horse, whether you're on the ground, or in the saddle!  So, the more exposure you have to more horses of different ages, dispositions, backgrounds, breeds, and experience levels, the more you will be training instead of untraining.  More importantly, the more aware you'll be of when you are training and untraining.  And, the safer you and your horse will be.  Given the broad range of colts and horses with which we'll be working, this exposure is the HorseWorks-Western Equine Center difference!

Full Horseman Experience, Internship/Externship, or Observer

Join HW-WEC sessions for the Full Horsemanship Experience, as an Intern/Extern, or an Observer as we train our ranch-raised colts and ride the range!  The late-spring, summer, and fall small-group, intensive, weekly sessions emphasize hands-on techniques with a variety of horses from weanlings to two-to-five year olds of various personalities and in various stages of training.  The Full Horsemanship Experience includes half-day and all-day rides as well as immersion in horsemanship training appropriate to your experience level, both on the ground and horseback, such as round pen work, ground driving, packing, and ponying colts on trail rides.

A Typical Week

With three booking options, there's something for everyone at HorseWorks' Western Equine Center.  Which intensity of riding and training is right to meet your goals?  Let us know your goals, thoughts, concerns, and goals by returning the Application today!

Regardless of your initial reasons for coming, whether traveling solo or with others, whether a joining for the Full Horsemanship Experience, as an Intern/Extern, or Observer, you will get acquainted with the West, the horses, the ranch, the people, and the opportunities that horses can open up for you!

Read testimonials below

"In Their Own Words"

In Their Own Words:

"MaeCile of Horseworks first question to my wife and me was, 'What do you want to get out of your time here?' Our answer was to get more comfortable around horses with the ultimate goal of feeling adept enough to take a couple of horses out by ourselves. Our 3 days at Horseworks were exhilarating and exhausting. MaeCile had us working with several horses both in the round pen and on trail rides. We learned what it really meant to ride western. Fortified by her excellent banana pancakes we managed to take in enough of MaeCile’s knowledge to set off together on our last day across the open range. I have been playing cowboy most of my life, but it was Horseworks that made me feel like the real deal. Thanks! Ted & Beth"

In Their Own Words:

"Here's why you might want to book a half-day, or multiple-day event at HorseWorks Wyoming.
I'm a horse-owner, have trained my own horse, am self-taught, watched lots of YouTube videos and experimented a lot, but what I learn here at HorseWorks is complete different from what I learn from other trainers. The goals are the same but the means to the end are different. At the end of the first day, I thought, "Wow, this is so different from what I've been taught." It took me 24 hours to get in the right mindset, throw out all the things I knew and absorb and apply all the things right here in front of me. MaeCile has had so many great teachers and you can tell how grateful she is for them. As she works with the different horses, she'll say, "Nate always said...", or "Pat Wyse taught me...", or "I learned from Sagebrush Sara ...", or Asa explained..." or "Ramon showed me..." She enjoys learning from every person and every horse and passing that on to other people who wouldn't have an opportunity to meet and learn from the great people who have taught her. I'm very excited to return home and apply the things I have learned here to my horse back home and see the difference." - Jordan Kesh

In Their Own Words:

"I'll tell you why I want to extend my two-week trip for a third week. I've always wanted to work with horses but hesitated because of my lack of experience. Here, I've been immersed in horses from day one - mucking, brushing, tacking up, groundwork, soak time (processing time), ponying, trail riding, even wrangling the herd (by accident). I've done all this in just two days and the next two weeks are packed, including a weekend clinic with Sagebrush Sara , and a Labor Day Parade. Yes, the days are long but tailored to my pace and experience level. The atmosphere is ideal for learning. The scenery and weather are beautiful. Coming here was one of the best decisions I've made.
And did I mention seeing a herd of elk on our first trail ride? I have the pic to prove it!"


Natural Horsemanship

We'll show you the natural horsemanship training skills we use with our horses and foals that make them outstanding trail & ranch horses!

Safety & Confidence

Safety is our priority.  Confidence building of horse and participant is our objective.  Teaching participants and training our ranch-raised horses is our focus.


Pre-Vet, Vet-Tech, & Other Pre-Professional Students
Email for information on externship and experiential learning programs!

Overseas Travelers

Coming from overseas?  See info under Reservations - How to Book.

Other programs & facilities in our area

Looking for a HorseWorks-type guest ranch vacation sure to fulfill your hopes and dreams? Contact Aly at Centaur Trails for info on their ranch offering down the road from HorseWorks in beautiful Meeteetse, WY!  Or message Aly on Facebook.

In contrast to the intensive riding and training focus of HorseWorks' Western Equine Center, Aly's Wyoming experience offers more trail riding for anyone with a passion for horses, love of nature and sense of adventure looking for a vacation guest ranch!

Rental cabins
Stay with us at HorseWorks Wyoming if you are sightseeing in the area or passing through to Yellowstone!

WEC horses for sale in 2023
Looking for your horse partner? Visit  Book an off-season event to try out horses.  Showings are by appointment only.

Horse Boarding
Crippled Spider RV Park & Campground
(307) 921-9063. Speak with Wyatt or Reed.

What Others Are Saying

"Your offer was absolutely amazing, the best all around the area (and I googled a lot of places!)."

See what others from around the world say on our Testimonials and Facebook pages.

Wrangling the horses was amazing … [more] “”

Jasmin Jones, UK, Guest 2014

The happiness and adrenaline that ride gave me will last me a lifetime! [more] “”

Emelie Karlsson, guest, 2014, 2015, 2016

… not only became a better rider, but also a better farmer and gained skills … [more] “”

Ashton Light, 2016 guest, Agriculture Business Finance and Management Major

… been back there every year since then and class it as my home away from home [more] “”

Jess, UK, guest 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

… feel as though you are the star of your own personal western movie blockbuster [more] “”

Bea, UK, Guest 2014, 2016

[MaeCile] has given me the confidence that whatever I put my mind to, I can achieve [more] “”

Hannah Hoffman, April to November 2015

… it’s just you and the horse under you, that’s real. [more] “”

Christa Johnson, 2016, 2018

… very nostalgic already for our unique experience in your ranch [more] “”

Maarit Hirvonen, Finland and Burkina Faso, Guest 2014

… not only a great vacation but a life changing experience [more] “”

Rachel Fitzgerald, guest 2016 & 2017

… we had amazing experiences and memories to treasure forever [more] “”

Judy Kay, UK, guest 2009, 2014

Learning how to train a horse is my big takeaway [more] “”

Ali Hutchinson, 2016 guest

… absolutely, unequivocally the best, most amazing horse-related experience, of my entire life [more] “”

Harmony, Guest Spring 2016

Seeing how smart animals are and how close you can become with all these animals [more] “”

Grace Walker, Guest 2016

… really taught me how to interact with different people [more] “”

Ben Ouyang, Guest and Practicing Veterinarian

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