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Pre-Vet and Animal Science Students

There's a reason we're calling the Aug 27-Sept 9 Combo the BEST intensive learning opportunity you will find for large animal exposure outside a conventional clinic!
First, you're immersed in hands-on work with a variety of horses at HorseWorks, then for two days you and your choice of HorseWorks' horses learn from Sagebrush Sara in her one-of-a-kind "confidence-building for horse and rider" clinic over Labor Day weekend (Sept 2-3), and, on top of this, schedule to shadow our local veterinarian.  It's a three-in-one, two-week extravaganza that will change your life and look GREAT on your resume!

Structured to meet your hands-on and vet-shadowing goals

An externship at HorseWorks/WEC may be the perfect working-ranch complement to your clinic-based program, allowing you

  • to get involved in our day-to-day, hands-on, working horse ranch activities from morning to night outside the classroom setting AND
  • to shadow our local veterinarians.

More exposure builds technique and confidence around herd animals both on the ground and, if you wish, horseback, as well.

Learn to safely handle horses that are new to you, horses of a variety of personalities, training, and ages.  Options of Full Horsemanship Experience, Internship/Externship, or Observer means something to meet your specific goals.

Small group, individualized sessions lasting from one to five weeks include all on-ranch and vet-shadowing activities, housing, on-ranch meals, airport pick up and drop off.

Apply today by letting us know your goals.


What participants take away

On the fence about large versus small animal specializations?

Need to show that you have explored the large animal option for your academic applications?

Our hands-on ranch program has been an asset to many students in these situations.

Ranchers do much of our own vet work and when livestock requires a veterinarian's attention, our local veterinarians invite us to join in.

Pre-vet students may work with their university advisors to arrange Independent Study Credit for Externships & Experiential Learning Opportunities that give students hands-on experience with large animals.

Equally important, a break from the classroom to immerse yourself in the Western lifestyle and culture will revitalize you for your return to your studies or your job!  Enjoy all the fun activities on and off-ranch.  Make new friends and build strong bonds along the way.  In short, be prepared to have an adventure of a lifetime!

Check out these videos! Contact us to help you decide if we offer a good fit with your goals!


People get out of vet school with no experience catching a horse or handling a horse. I deal with people who are disciples of clinicians and can make a horse mind at the end of a lead rope and respect them at a distance, but they can’t handle a horse up close.

Wyoming Veterinarian

This is exactly the type of experience we hope to offer students. Something outside of the usual ‘small animal practice’ is always welcome!

Vet School Externship Coordinator

HorseWorks-WEC Application
When to Come

Dates & Duration: May and June are considered late-spring and early summer in Wyoming, which means longer, warmer days.  Starting June 1, there are more off-ranch opportunities in surrounding towns, like the Cody Nite Rodeo. 

Discounts: Our extended stay discounts encourage longer stays with additionally discounted rates for Interns/Externs and Observers.

More Info: Check out a complete list of Dates & Prices, and Blogs by former participants. The Application and Booking Forms help us understand your expectations and goals for your stay and your riding ability so that we can plan appropriate horsemanship activities and rides.

Apply: To apply, fill out, photograph/scan and email your Application and Booking Forms to us at If you have dates in mind, let us know and we will get back with you right away about availability.

Bring a passion for horses and a sense of adventure! There are as many reasons to come to HorseWorks Wyoming/WEC as there are participants!