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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are HorseWorks Wyoming and Western Equine Center?

For decades, HorseWorks Wyoming has welcomed wonderful guests from all over the world for our authetic Wyoming ranch experience.  Now, our subsidiary, Western Equine Center, offers personalized, small group of two to four people, working ranch sessions to focus horse training and on your specific horsemanship goals.  Three options - Full Horsemanship Experience, Internship/Externship, or Observer - mean there's something for everyone.  Stay for up to four weeks between May 26 and June 22, 2024 as we ride the trails and train our fine, ranch-raised colts.  Or book a private off-season half-day to three-day event to focus on your goals at special off-season rates.

The Full Horsemanship Experiences encompasses everything from horseback rides through the beautiful, Wyoming countryside, to learning safe handling skills and horsemanship training through hands-on time with horses of various ages, experience levels, and dispositions.  Meet great people, and enjoy local off-ranch opportunities to round out your Western experience.

At HorseWorks Wyoming-WEC, our focus is on small groups, intensive hands-on activities, one to four-week duration, and three flexible booking options.

Read on to see what HorseWorks-WEC is and what it is not, then fill out the Application and Booking Form to let us know your goals so that we can help you plan the trip of a lifetime!  There's something for everyone at WEC!

What does the Full Horsemanship Experience Offer

  • Half-day and all-day rides, colt starting and training, overnight stays at cow camp.
  • How to use a saddle horse in the training of a younger horse, how to pack and pony a colt, and other fun and useful skills.
  • Weather permiting, this culminates in packing the young horses with our gear and riding into cow camp for an over night stay.  Interns and Observers have the opportunity to join us by truck for an evening of campfire cooking, story telling, and star gazing.
  • Work with “colts” (refers to weanlings, yearlings, 2-year-olds), older horses (4- to 6-year-olds) and “saddle horses” of various personalities, backgrounds, and experience levels.
  • Small group participation is key to meeting individual goals, whether it be to learn the basics of horse safety and horse handling in anticipation of owning a horse, or learning new ways of approaching situations with a horse at home, or gaining experience and confidence working with horses for clinic or professional application.
  • Because the number of participants is limited, enjoy a unique opportunity to experiment and  learn from the colts, horses, and each other.
  • Participants have input into schedule plannning that includes both on- and off-ranch activities, training and veterinary sessions, end-of-day debriefs, and off-ranch activities.
  • Everyone contributes to meal prep in a manner decided by the group during orientation, with food being provided by Horseworks-WEC.
  • Off-ranch activities are important to round out your Western experience but are not included in the cost.
  • While HW-WEC does not provide transportation for off-ranch activities, we will make one trip per week to the airport to pick up a rental car after the weekly schedule is finalized. Participants often plan a Yellowstone National Park excursion and other off-ranch activities together and split the associated costs for vehicle rental, fuel, and off-ranch meals.

Some Skills We'll Learn

To assess or read a colt or horse

To find holes in a colt or horse’s training and determine how to fill in the holes to strengthen the horse’s foundation and skills

To build confidence in a colt or horse, as well as in the training or rider.

To identify basic things all good colts and horses should know and why, whether they are “untrained” youngsters, or saddle horses

To halter train a weanling or an older horse

To teaching a colt to lead (not just follow)

To hobble train a horse, understand why hobble train, and the steps leading up to hobbles

To be safe on the ground when around colts and horses, especially ones that are new to us

To safely pony a horse from the back of another horse

To pack a horse, what the horse learns by doing this, and why we should do this as part of their (and our) training

To clarify our role vis-a-vis the horse as trainer and how to establish that connection

To introduce and compare in a hands-on setting, various training techniques and theories of various trainers from whom we’ve learned

To explore different ways to approach similar problems and how to decide which are appropriate to a given colt or horse

To recognize a colt or horse’s successes

To recognize our successes

To plan next steps to build on our and the colt’s successes

To know what are appropriate goals and when not to be committed to a goal

To recognize when to call a lesson a lesson... and more.

What HW-WEC Is and Is Not

A guest ranch experience?  This is not a dude ranch experience.

Lots of time in the saddle on trail rides?  Half-day and all-day rides, some geared toward training opportunities to pack and pony younger horses, or work with colts from horseback in the roundpen.  Training sessions with weanlings, yearlings, and some younger horses are strictly on the ground.

Riding lessons?  Not specifically, though all training is  geared toward becoming a better horseperson and rider.

Duration?  Stay from one to five weeks with significantly discounted rates after week-1.

Meals?  Food is provided and everyone is invited to assist in meal prep and clean up between activities in a manner decided during orientation.

Off-Ranch Opportunities

Opportunities abound to experience the local flavor of our area of Wyoming before, during and after your stay at HorseWorks-WEC.  Set aside a weekend or a week to visit Yellowstone National Park.  Between on-ranch activities, we'll help you plan downtime to enjoy the Cody Nite Rodeo, shop for souvenirs, soak those saddle-sore muscles in the Hot Springs in Thermopolis, go white water rafter, float the river and other local activities that are close by the ranch!

Prices Include On-ranch Activities

Cozy cabin accommodations, 24/7 access to the Lodge, hearty meals, equipment, hands-on experience with colts and horses amid beautiful Wyoming scenery, expanding your Western training techniques.  Season permitting, stay overnight stay at cow camp under star-filled Wyoming skies!  Airport transfer from Cody on Sunday and back to Cody at the end of your stay is also included.  Off-ranch activities are not included, so bring pocket money for the rodeo, Yellowstone, and other off-ranch options.  During Orientation when you arrive, we will finalize the itinerary for the week and make a trip to Cody for guests to pick up a rental car for off-ranch activities, if necessary.

Emphasis on Safety

Our emphasis is on safety (see helmet policy) and matching appropriate activities to participants' interests and abilities. Working with colts and horses of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities offers unlimited opportunities for enjoying the Western lifestyle and learning new skills!

Find Your Perfect Horse

You might even find the perfect horse partner to take home.  Our horses have found homes from Florida to Maine on the East Coast, along the West Coast, as well as in England and Scotland. International and USA riders may purchase horses and board with us year-round to work with and ride upon returning to Wyoming.