My vacation at HorseWorks Wyoming was an opportunity of a lifetime. I not only became a better rider, but also a better farmer and gained skills that I can use in my future career. I thought I had pretty good work ethic before, but when I arrived home from the ranch, I wanted to do so much more around the farm. I was constantly wanting to be on the move, and I had a new energy about me. I wanted to put what I learned there to the test with my own horses and cattle. I gained confidence in talking to people and riding. I gained problem-solving mentality that I have used around our farm. Before, if I didn’t know how to do something, I would go get my dad. Now, I figure it out myself. I also gained confidence in my own abilities as far as strength and toughness. I saw how to work cattle in the chute, hold them for the vet and do other things like that.

Seeing MaeCile run that ranch all by herself gave me the goal of being independent. I want to learn how to do everything on our farm, so that one day I won’t have to rely on anyone else if there is no one available.  I learned about people from all different backgrounds and cultures. I learned how to get along with people that are extremely different than I am. I learned so many interpersonal skills that apply in life. HorseWorks Wyoming made me a better, more confident person. This vacation fit me better than any other could have. I got to do what I love while learning the same social skills from being with other guests. I learned about myself, about others, and most importantly, areas I need improvement. HorseWorks Wyoming was the perfect start to my future as an agriculture major.

Ashton Light, 2016 guest, Agriculture Business Finance and Management Major