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Questions about HorseWorks Wyoming's ranch program?

Contact former guests from around the world (see Contact List below) to answer your questions and share with you their rewarding, first-hand experiences as guests at HorseWorks!  Email or message us directly! introduces the horses we ride and work with during sessions.  Showings for non-participants by appointment only.

HorseWorks Wyoming, 3591 Brown Lane, Thermopolis, WY  82443

Sweden and Norway:

EmelieKarlsson&Dandy-1-cEmelie Karlsson, email:, phone: +46 735 564008

My name is Emelie and I'm a HorseWorks addict!  I found my home away from home in Wyoming at HorseWorks.  If you have any questions about HorseWorks, don't hesitate to contact me.  I will gladly answer all your questions.

Finland and United Kingdom:

LauraKos-cLaura Koskenmaki, email:, phone: +44 07795 075498

My HorseWorks session was a turning point in my life.  Without it, there would be no Indie or Chex, my two horses that I am training.


The Netherlands:

alyvandermeulenhazelAly Van Der Meulen, email: Tel.: 0031 629 4567 87

Horseworks is a truly amazing place where everyone can experience the real Wild West. No matter what your riding level is, they've got a horse that you'll fall in love with. As soon as I left the ranch I wanted to return. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this life-changing experience.




United Kingdom:


Sam McAvoy, email:, phone: +44 7597 gineeri336178

I'm Sam, an engineering student who first came to HorseWorks in 2015.  It's truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be repeated as often as possible.  If you've got any queries, give me a call or send me an email.

Northern Ireland:


Nicola Anderson, email:

HorseWorks Wyoming was the best vacation experience I've had. Whether you have lots of experience with horses or none at all and you want to experience western riding and lifestyle, this is the place to go! Any questions feel free to ask 🙂



Rachel Graham, email:

It was challenging for the first few days to drop my English riding habits and I thought, is this going to be fun if we aren't jumping? Answer? Yes! The Wyoming terrain is enough to challenge any rider and there's really nothing like galloping through an actual prairie. There are also horses for every skill level, making Horseworks perfect for total beginners to lifelong riders.


Elisa&Stafano2016Aug10-13Elisa Lonini, email:, tel: 0039 3466055592.

We are Italian and visited HorseWorks Wyoming for our USA real Western ranch adventure!  If you have any questions, please contact us!

Australia and New Zealand:

????????????????????????????????????MaeCile Brown, email:

Detailed contacts available upon request!  Just ask!


United States and Canada:

MEganChilds2016-caMegan Childs, email:, phone: 601-310-8757

I came from the Southeastern US (Mississippi), a totally different environment from Wyoming, to HorseWorks for an amazing holiday experience in the wild, wild West!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Ben Ouyang, email:

If you don't have any horse experience prior to veterinary school, once you start doing your equine rotations, it can be really challenging. Horseworks gives people a really intimate experience with horses. Even if you're not a horse person coming in, you'll have a whole new appreciation and comfort-level with horses coming out.


Tristen Thompson, email:

I've always wanted to be a vet and large animal services has been in the back of my mind for some time now, but truly experiencing horses in their element at HorseWorks has helped solidify my decision to pursue the field. It has given me the confidence I needed to be comfortable working with these animals. I found a stronger interest in equine medicine that I never knew I had. Regardless of your future plans, HorseWorks allows you to find out a little bit more about yourself, and for that I am truly grateful.  Get in touch if you have any questions!

AliHutchinson2016-2caAli Hutchinson, email:

Horseworks Wyoming is a wonderful experience.  Even if you are unsure, you should give it a shot, whether you have a lot of experience or not.  Any questions feel free to email me or find me on Facebook!

IMG_9346Christa Johnson, email:

"Only at Horseworks:
1) Watched a real cowboy deliver a baby calf under pregnancy complications
2) Played with and fell in love with the cutest foals (miss you, Missy!)
3) Got the best sleep of my life (thanks long days in the saddle!)
4) Tried bison meat
5) Drove a truck and pulled a horse trailer
6) Navigated on horseback through the rough Wyoming terrain
7) Saw the most amazing 360 degree views of endless mountains
8) Lived alongside antelope, deer, elk, jackrabbits, etc..
9) Learned to appreciate horsemanship based on natural horse behavior
10) Relaxed sore muscles in natural hot springs
11) Fell in love with all the horses, chickens, cows, goats, ranch cats (shout out to Hazel and Bridger!)"