My favorite activity on the ranch was when MaeCile took time to teach me in the ring. I felt so proud when I accomplished what she showed me. Riding all the different horses. Seeing their personalities. Riding Cavalier with the other guests and getting the cows to pasture. Going to Cow Camp overnight. Exploring the hills and valleys. Just the riding on your beautiful ranch was breathtaking. Working with the livestock – I loved it. Spending time with horses, calves, chickens, and cows. Spending time with Girly girl (Helena’s foal). Seeing how smart animals are and how close you can become with all these animals. I enjoyed my cabin. Very comfortable and made me feel right at home. The views when I woke up and at night to see the beauty of the land that I do not see at home – it was all breathtaking.

My life take away will be an experience I will never forget. MaeCile showed me the strength and power I had in me and taught me that I can do it. What I learnt was that I can do things and not be afraid. My inner self came to know myself (lol) – thank you, MaeCile. I learned so much about horses and animals that I did not know. I came home telling all my friends and family about all the lessons and what I was taught (the right way) about horses. I was so proud to feed a horse a cookie for the first time. Brushing my horse and putting the blanket on and the saddle — checking the girth 3 xs and a fist for under his bridle’s throat latch so it’s not so tight. Putting the reins on. Every day it became better and easier for me. I would like to thank MaeCile, Paul, Hannah and all the guests that I got to be with. I will always remember my bucket list dream. For someone not knowing anything about going to a ranch, I came home with the vacation experience of a lifetime to remember. Thank you again – I loved every minute of your ranch. P.S. Give my Cavalier a cookie. He is the best horse I ever rode in my life. MaeCile, you sure know how to match horses with people. You get a star for giving me Cavalier. I wish I could have stayed longer – I keep thinking of you and your ranch. I loved Cavalier – he was a prize in my eyes – I have been horseback riding here and it is not the same as out there. I’ll be back.

Grace Walker, Guest 2016