Vet Students! I Found the Perfect Ranch Externship! (Part 1, by Becka Brady)

I found the perfect Ranch Externship for Vet Students!
By Rebecca Brady

As a Vet Tech student, my time at HorseWorks is helping me more than I ever thought it would!   I am learning ways that are new to me to handle unfamiliar horses, in a different environment from my hometown in North Dakota.  There are so many memories I will always hold on to; the biggest one will be riding through the rough Wyoming terrain with Bella, a big, opinionated mare.  MaeCile is a huge help in educating me about the proper ways to handle any horse I will come across in order to

stay safe and minimize risk to me and the horse.   A few days of my one-week stay have felt like a month’s worth of knowledge and I will definitely be back in the near future!  For now, I will use what I am learning to become a more confident horsewoman and show more competence as a vet tech.

March 11.  My gift today was… (continued)


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