Vet Students!  I Found the Perfect Ranch Externship! (Part 4, by Becka Brady)

Vet Students!  I Found the Perfect Ranch Externship!


Wyoming has changed my life and it could be a potential home someday!   I’ve been making decisions people might think are crazy.   The whole ranching lifestyle has always been something I love, but I had stopped going out to ours for such a long time because I am so busy and it’s an hour away from my home. Since I came back from HorseWorks, I have dedicated more time to going to our ranch and practicing the stuff I learned on our horses – a lot of groundwork, hindquarter yield, forequarter yield, lots and lots of circles.

I’m trying to be more gentle on my horse’s mouth, so I’m trying to stay away from yanking back.

My week at HorseWorks Wyoming made me realize how big this world is and how many opportunities there are to learn new things.  I feel way more confident in everything I do. I came back home with my head in the game!  I put more effort into things I don’t like and I have seen improvement in school and everyday life!

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