New Years 2020 e-news: Obsidian’s expecting & other Great Working Ranch Expectations – the 2020 Calendar

The 2020 Working Ranch Calendar: 

* Between March 8 and May 2.  Trail cattle out to spring pastures – 2-3 days. Round up cattle, sort, and trail ten miles to fresh pastures.  Mount up and ride fences to see if wildlife crossing during the winter has weakened any places along the pasture perimeter that need repair. Check water sources.
* Between May 10 and July 4.  Round up cattle and trail ten miles back to the ranch – 2 days.
* Pregnancy-test cows – Qualified pre-vet students may glove up and participate.   We’ll record your expected calving date, and when the cows calve, we’ll let you know how close you were!
* Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Worming and vaccinating horses and cattle.
* April/May.   Obsidian is expecting.  Calving watch and foaling watch may take place throughout the season. Watch for updates on other mares.
* All seasons. Wrangling and trailing the remuda (saddle horses) to spring and summer pastures.

* Specific activity dates depend on weather, grass growth and other variables beyond our control.  But you will participate in many of these ranch activities regardless of when you come!


Spring foal update – Obsidian’s expecting!
Don’t plan your trip around expected foaling dates or the Wyoming weather (both are unpredictable), BUT according to her vet check on Dec 19, our black mare, Obsidian, is 6 months pregnant and will have a nice April-May foal.  If you are here, watch her progress.  Depending on her timing and how attentive you are, you may be here to attend the birth and help imprint the foal!  Among Obsidian’s previous foals have been a blanket Appy, a buckskin Appy and the solid black pictured above, all nice gentle horses in the string of saddle horses, or currently in training.  What color will this one be? (Watch with sound on)

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