What People Are Saying

Winston The Unigoat_2018March13-ca

I made a reservation at this location because of the proximity to my points of interest. I had no idea of the history and romance of this ranch. I felt like I just won the lottery. It is a horse and cattle ranch located off the grid.  It generates its own power and drinking water. It also has a satellite internet connection. It is surrounded by beautiful terrain where horses, cattle, and wildlife can be observed grazing on the hills and valleys. Beside having accommodation for AIRBNB members, it also serves as a learning and mentoring center in the discipline of western lifestyle and everything there is to learn about horses. I'm talking about horse whisperer level. It was a pleasure to meet these people and see them training and interacting with horses. It was a great experience that I will never forget. MaeCile is a legend by her own rights. I salute you for your hard work and dedication.   If you do visit Horseworks Ranch make sure that you meet the wizard goat. Winston is quite a character, am sure he will inspire joy in your soul. Leave your worries behind and step into a new reality that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Hector E. Rios Bayamon, Puerto Rico, AIRBNB Guest 2018

What were the highlights of your trip? : Everything became fun! Wrangling the horses was amazing and taking the horses from the ranch to Prospect was such a wonderful experience (we moved loose horses whilst on horseback to another place by becoming part of their herd- it was so fast and pushed us all out of our comfort zone and is an unforgettable experience). We had to search for a very young calf at one point also, as it was thought to potentially be in trouble, that is the amazing thing about this trip, you will NEVER be bored (and this is coming from someone with ADHD). It is not… [more] “”

Jasmin Jones, UK, Guest 2014

Dear MaeCile, Nate, Laura, Paul and all the Horseworks team. My time at Horseworks Wyoming was absolutely, unequivocally the best, most amazing horse-related experience, of my entire life. I have grown up on American horse movies. I used to watch Flicka trilogy every afternoon for years. I’m sure I have seen every American horse movie ever made a billion times. My dream has been to ride in Wyoming for as long as I can remember. Upon marrying the most wonderful man, who said he wanted to make my dreams come true J, we planned a trip to US with a stop in Wyoming. Based in Australia, planning a big USA… [more] “”

Harmony, Guest Spring 2016

My favorite activity on the ranch was when MaeCile took time to teach me in the ring. I felt so proud when I accomplished what she showed me. Riding all the different horses. Seeing their personalities. Riding Cavalier with the other guests and getting the cows to pasture. Going to Cow Camp overnight. Exploring the hills and valleys. Just the riding on your beautiful ranch was breathtaking. Working with the livestock – I loved it. Spending time with horses, calves, chickens, and cows. Spending time with Girly girl (Helena’s foal). Seeing how smart animals are and how close you can become with all these animals. I enjoyed my cabin. Very… [more] “”

Grace Walker, Guest 2016

The only thing I can fault ‘HorseWorks’ for is that I didn’t know about it sooner. Had I done so, I feel as though my life would be extremely different, in that I would still be there today and not at university!! Despite the fact that you feel as though you are the star of your own personal western movie blockbuster, amongst all the enjoyment and laughter, Nate and MaeCile manage to take their guests on a journey not only to Wyoming, but into themselves. The perspective that I received during a 3-week holiday taught me a lot about the importance of not only self-responsibility, but the responsibility of the… [more] “”

Bea, UK, Guest 2014, 2016