My Solo Trip: a Journey of Finding Myself and Overcoming Fears (Part 2)

My Solo Trip, continued

my greatest adventure was upon me and my parents drove me to the airport, I was so nervous my hands were like ice and my legs were shaking, but I made it on the plane, and my confidence boosted just a bit, then I made it to my next plane and I was on a role, for with experience comes confidence. I had just one flight left, a connecter from Denver to Cody. I thought I was home free, I got on the plane and thought to myself, I did it! I made it through all the terminals without any issues! This plane is going to take me to Cody and someone will be waiting there to pick me up, everything will be just fine.  And it did turn out just fine in the end, after my flight was delayed for an hour due to weather, I finally arrived in Cody, and was greeted by three friendly girls, who were in no way upset that they had had to wait around town another hole hour waiting to pick me up after having been there all day.  We all stood around the baggage claim waiting for my luggage to come out and soon realized that it had been lost.  So the four of us went to talk to one of the workers there and got everything situated for the airport to drop my luggage off at the ranch the next day. By this time it was getting late and everyone was excited to get back to the ranch, but our day wasn’t over yet. Half way back to the ranch our car broke down. We puled into a gas station and smoke was pouring out from the hood. It was at this point that I realized what an amazing  group of girls I would be spending the next couple of weeks with. We all just took it in stride, none of us were worried  about being stuck at a gas station in a state we had never been before because we knew that someone from the ranch would come and rescue us. As we sat around waiting we all got to know each other a little better and laughed over everything that kept going wrong. We even took a picture with the smoking rig and tried to look sad even though we were all laughing. 

Over the next two weeks I stayed at the ranch I learned so many things, not just about ranch life but also about myself. Everyone comes away with a different life takeaway, and it’s personal to each person. But l will share with you a couple of mine.

You are capable of anything if you set your mind to it, the only thing that can truly hold you back is yourself.

You have to break away from what is familiar to truly discover yourself, who you are without the influence of those who expect you to be or act a certain way.

You don’t need to always have a friend or someone familiar with you because you will make new friends along the way and your life will be that much richer for having met them.

You should always strive to be encouraging. Even just a small amount of encouragement can make such a huge difference in someone’s life and help give them the courage to keep trying and break through their own fears.

Thank you, MaeCile, and everyone at HorseWorks for giving me such an amazing and unforgettable adventure.


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