Back to Basics – Eco-Friendly

Experience ranch life off the grid with all the basic conveniences of everyday life. Since the late 90’s, our personal goal has been to “get off the grid” and live more like the way Nate lived as a young cowboy growing up in Wyoming in the 20’s – immersed in nature, learning from the land and our livestock, independent of remotely supplied utilities, and fairly self-sufficient.

Nate (1921-2016), having been the steward of the Brown family’s land for decades, has had to be environmentally conscious. But he and his wife have recently taken HorseWorks beyond the basics of grazing and livestock management to relocating the ranch headquarters on a totally off-grid, beautifully secluded and peaceful part of the original family ranch. The facilities’ power in this initial stage is provided by a propane generator with battery storage. Going solar, with the generator as a back-up only, should be completed by the summer of 2013. Wind power generation will be the final step in the energy plan. Sustainable food production is also part of the long-term picture, with plans over a few years’ time to expand the windbreak, small apple orchard and fruit/vegetable garden to a larger garden and year-round greenhouse. We welcome you to come experience the joy of going off-grid, learn from the challenges we have faced, and share your eco-experiences and dreams with us as we blaze our new off-grid trail!

A Little About Nate’s History

nate_01Nate was born into a world without electricity or indoor plumbing… so it’s no surprise that he is not bound by the conveniences of everyday life – Internet, store-bought food, lots of fridge and freezer space, and unlimited phone service. Once, Nate, his mother and sister didn’t go to town for three years!

Nate knows how to survive, and as he says, could live in a tent as long as he has horses to ride, a warm fire to sit beside and books to read. Though he appreciates being able to haul feed and livestock long distances, he misses the times when he woke up in his sleeping bag to listen to the sound of the stream running over the rocks.

It took twelve years for us to start making the move in a tangible way and we have enjoyed the challenge. Building our off-grid ranch is an ongoing journey – more solar panels, larger garden…

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