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HorseWorks Wyoming

HorseWorks Wyoming horse & cattle ranch adventures offer everything to do with ranch life! Participate in a Horse & Cattle ranch holiday in the heart of Wyoming, USA! Not a traditional guest ranch vacation or dude ranch holiday, HorseWorks' horse & cattle ranch vacations focus on horses and riding for people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels who want an authentic Western experience!  Solo travelers are welcome!  One, two and three week sessions are available  in April and June of  2022.

Natural Horsemanship

We'll show you the natural horsemanship training skills we use to train our horses and foals that make them into outstanding trail horses for your Western adventure!

Wrangle Horses

Wrangle horses from pasture and go for long and short trail rides on a variety of horses, enjoying every horse you ride, or bond with one horse!

Safety & Confidence

Safety is our priority.  As you enjoy your Vacation, you will feel at home in your new Western setting.  See what former Vacationers of all ages from around the world say on the Testimonials page and on our Facebook page. And message us at any time with questions about activities, availability and travel arrangements.

Pre-Vet Students

Contact us at for information on programs!

Overseas Travelers

Coming from overseas?  See info under Reservations - How to Book.

Passion for Horses

HorseWorks vacations are for anyone with a passion for horses, love of nature and sense of adventure!  Regardless of your initial reasons for coming, whether travelling solo or with others, get acquainted with the West, the horses, the ranch, the people and the opportunities that horses can open up for you!


What Others Are Saying

… we had amazing experiences and memories to treasure forever [more] “”

Judy Kay, UK, guest 2009, 2014

… feel as though you are the star of your own personal western movie blockbuster [more] “”

Bea, UK, Guest 2014, 2016

The happiness and adrenaline that ride gave me will last me a lifetime! [more] “”

Emelie Karlsson, guest, 2014, 2015, 2016

… not only became a better rider, but also a better farmer and gained skills … [more] “”

Ashton Light, 2016 guest, Agriculture Business Finance and Management Major

… very nostalgic already for our unique experience in your ranch [more] “”

Maarit Hirvonen, Finland and Burkina Faso, Guest 2014

… really taught me how to interact with different people [more] “”

Ben Ouyang, Guest and Practicing Veterinarian

… it’s just you and the horse under you, that’s real. [more] “”

Christa Johnson, 2016, 2018

… absolutely, unequivocally the best, most amazing horse-related experience, of my entire life [more] “”

Harmony, Guest Spring 2016

… not only a great vacation but a life changing experience [more] “”

Rachel Fitzgerald, guest 2016 & 2017

… been back there every year since then and class it as my home away from home [more] “”

Jess, UK, guest 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Wrangling the horses was amazing … [more] “”

Jasmin Jones, UK, Guest 2014

[MaeCile] has given me the confidence that whatever I put my mind to, I can achieve [more] “”

Hannah Hoffman, April to November 2015

Seeing how smart animals are and how close you can become with all these animals [more] “”

Grace Walker, Guest 2016

Learning how to train a horse is my big takeaway [more] “”

Ali Hutchinson, 2016 guest

USA Ranch Programme

We are proud to work with international agents to bring our exciting program to their clients.  Contact us to discuss possibilities!


Contact Us

Contact Us at to speak directly or chat with former guests in the USA and around the world about their first-hand experience at HorseWorks Wyoming.  We will be at the airport to welcome you!