EmelieKarlsson&Landscape-2aCan you imagine, after all these years of dreaming and thinking, I finally did it, I went to Wyoming to be an Intern at a horse ranch!  Out of all the 19 days I spent there, the last Tuesday and Wednesday were the most amazing!  That’s when I got to wrangle horses in full throttle over the beautiful and big landscape here at the ranch.  I swear to you, I really thought I was flying as I rode that fast trying to get all the other horses to go forward together.  I loved it!  The happiness and adrenaline that ride gave me will last me a lifetime!  This is Joker, my noble steed during these two days.  Good bye Wyoming! Huge thanks to Nate and MaeCile Brown at horseworks wyoming for the best trip of my life!  See you next year!

Emelie Karlsson, Intern 2014, Ranch Family Member 2016, 2015