Working Ranch Internships

Working Ranch Internships are full-immersion and hands-on.

Less than an hour from Cody, Wyoming, Working Ranch Internships give goal-oriented, self-motivated Interns an opportunity to take their riding and horsemanship to the next level.  Join a Working Ranch Internship regardless of age, background or experience level.  Working ranch Internships last one to three weeks between March and October.  It is called a working ranch Internship to distinguish it from a “Dude Ranch Vacation” and to emphasize our focus on horsemanship and using our horses with cattle.

Extended Stay Discounts

The price of a Working Ranch Internship decreases with duration of stay to $250/week after four weeks, and weeks are cumulative over years, so many Interns return year after year to become part of our ranch family! There is no upper age limit (must be over 18 or accompanied by an adult).  No particular background or experience is necessary - we have horses to match riders’ levels and teach what people need to know.   Additional returning Ranch Wrangler Discounts are available to participants in our 12-part Horse Training and Wrangler Certification Programs, for referrals, and for Interns who purchase horses to take home.

Typical Ranch Days

Typical ranch days include trail riding, working with foals and horses, horsemanship training, chores before breakfast and supper, like wrangling the horses from pasture before the morning rides, graining the older horses, or rounding up cows to do team penning in the arena.  We work with you to schedule off-ranch activities to round out your special Wyoming experience.  Enjoy the Cody Nite Rodeo, a soak at the hot springs, an overnight trip to Yellowstone National Park and other opportunities unique to Wyoming! Take it all in during your stay!


When to Come

March 11 and May 18 prices are as low as $600/week, May 20th through October as low as $883/week depending on how long you can stay. All 2019 sessions for which we still have availability are discounted $90 (expires Dec 31, 2018).

A complete list of dates, prices, testimonials and other useful information are on this website. The Internship Application and Booking Form help us understand your goals for joining us on the ranch so that we can help you accomplish them while here. Fill these out, photograph/scan them and email them to us at If you have dates in mind, let us know and we’ll will get back with you right away about availability. 

To be a Working Ranch Intern, just bring your passion for horses and a sense of adventure!  There are as many reasons to be an Intern at HorseWorks as there are riders!

People get out of vet school with no experience catching a horse or handling a horse. I deal with people who are disciples of clinicians and can make a horse mind at the end of a lead rope and respect them at a distance, but they can’t handle a horse up close.

Wyoming Veterinarian

This is exactly the type of experience we hope to offer students. Something outside of the usual ‘small animal practice’ is always welcome!

Vet School Externship Coordinator

Hands-On Experience With Large Animals

Working Ranch Internships are perfect for people wanting hands-on experience with large animals to advance their careers, or for those just wanted to get away and become be a part of this amazing project!  Immerse yourself in a new culture and way of living, expand your equine knowledge, enjoy all the fun activities on and off-ranch.  Make new friends and build strong bonds along the way.  In short, be prepared to have an adventure of a lifetime!  If you love it, come back as a Volunteer through our Ranch Family program.

UK, Scandinavian and European INTERNS do not need a Visa. Simply fill out the Esta formFLIGHTS: and are a good source of flights from Britain. and are often used by European Interns.

See schedules for session dates between March and October.

2019 Schedule

Prospective Interns should be 18 years of age or older and submit an Application and Booking Form explaining your goals and why you think HorseWorks' Ranch Internship is right for you.  This is not a test!  Just a way of making sure that we are the right destination to help you accomplish your goals!

  • Working horse ranch setting.
  • A great selection of seasoned horses, yearlings and foals.
  • Cattle to work your horses.
  • Western tack.
  • Horsemanship instruction.
  • Delicious meals.
  • Rustic cabin accommodations.
  • Mandatory orientation to ranch and horse safety, policies and procedures.
  • Opportunity to extend your stay (see Pricing).