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Two-Three Week Ranch Internships

UK and European INTERNS do not need a Visa. Simply fill out the Esta form. The application costs just $14.00US when done directly at that website. There are many websites that offer to do this for a person, for a much higher price. Please email us if you have questions about this process or about flights. From London to Cody it is about £600 ($1000) for a return flight if booked early enough.

FLIGHTS: momondo.co.uk and expedia.co.uk are a good source of flights from Britain.  Skyscanner.com and Expedia.com are often used by European Interns.

Internships are for serious students of ranching and horsemanship, or people for whom hands-on experience with large animals may advance their careers. See the Schedule for Session dates between March and October. Participation is limited. Prospective Interns should submit an Application explaining your goals and why you think HorseWorks’ Ranch Internship is right for you.

  • Working horse ranch setting.
  • A great selection of seasoned horses, yearlings and foals.
  • Cattle to work your horses.
  • Western tack.
  • Horsemanship instruction.
  • Delicious meals.
  • Cabin accommodations.
  • Mandatory orientation to ranch and horse safety, policies and procedures.
  • Opportunity to extend your stay (see Pricing).

“People get out of vet school with no experience catching a horse or handling a horse.  I deal with people who are disciples of clinicians and can make a horse mind at the end of a lead rope and respect them at a distance, but they can’t handle a horse up close.” – Wyoming Veterinarian

“This is exactly the type of experience we hope to offer students. Something outside of the usual ‘small animal practice’ is always welcome!” – Vet School Externship Coordinator

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