Buy & Board Your Horse

Returning Interns

Take the next step in becoming a member of the ranch family!

Buy and Board your favorite horse:

  • Monthly Board $150/month base-price including pasture and hay*
  • Monthly Board increases for private corral, additional care requirements, or feed/supplements

*Board is subject to change if hay prices fluctuate

Loan – full or part loan:

  • This is a great first step before taking the plunge of owning a horse!
  • This is the next best thing if you can’t afford to buy your own horse!
  • If you fall in love with a horse that we are not prepared to sell, this is a great way to get to ride and help care for that horse!

Full loan: You pay all the feed and vet bills, just like owning the horse

Part loan: We pay the vet bills and you pay the weekly or monthly fee to be able to ride the horse.