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Our Story

Nate and MaeCile Brown, the founders of HorseWorks Wyoming, match horses with appropriate riders and work with people to develop their horse interests in a safe environment.

Nate is a rancher, horseman, poet, guide, and co-author of a children’s book entitled Roll On, Little Dogies (Gibbs Smith, Publisher). Nate was born in Wyoming in 1921, and has ranched and cowboyed in Wyoming all his life, in addition to serving as Horse Program Coordinator of National Girl Scout Center West for eleven years. To those who know him, Nate is a living legend.

Read about Nate’s Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame Nomination

MaeCile is a native of Lexington, Kentucky, the horse capital of the world. After living abroad for ten years, she came to Wyoming in 1994 to pursue her true loves: Nate and horses.

Share Nate & MaeCile’s knowledge of horsemanship and Western tradition while participating in HorseWorks’ events.

Articles and Press Releases

Ride DISCOUNT! If you are a journalist, you may get a discount to ride with HorseWorks Wyoming

  • Ride with us for up to a week. Write about it for magazines, newspapers, horse clubs or other publications!
  • Previous journalists include Jerry Sinkovec for the Trail Blazer, Kent and Charlene Chrone for Trail Rider, Terry Selucky for Bust Magazine and Sian Lovatt for Sian Lovatt Dressage and Journalism.
  • Please submit a prospectus and details of the publications for which you will write, along with sample articles. We want to have you on board!

Nate’s Book: Roll On Little Dogies

Roll On, Little Dogiesabout_natebook
Songs & Activities for Young Cowpokers
By Meghan Merker, Nate Brown
Gibbs Smith Publisher
February 1996


A collectionof songs, stories, information, and activities related to cowboy life

Midwest Book Review

Songs and activities for young enthusiasts of the cowboy invite kids to sing along with a full-length cassette tape of over twenty cowboy classics performed by The Bunkhouse Orchestra. An accompanying book packs printed music and lyrics into a colorful activity guide.

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