Welcome to HorseWorks Wyoming

HorseWorks Wyoming Offers Ranch Internships of various durations to meet your goals.

Our ranch offers basically everything to do with ranch life!  Wrangle horses, feed cows, calves, foals, go for long and short trail rides, and many opportunities to improve your horsemanship both in and out of the arena!   See what former Interns of all ages from around the world say on the Testimonials page and on our Facebook page.  And message us any time with questions about activities, availability and travel arrangements.

Coming from overseas?  See info on Visas and Flights for UK travelers on the Internship page.  We’re here to help, too!

Do you like the idea of riding on a working horse ranch in the American West, of deer walking past your cabin door, of seeing antelope and elk, of experiencing the peacefulness of ranch life and nature?

Riders eighteen years of age and older* of any experience level and background come to HorseWorks for a variety of reasons: to learn about riding and horses in a ranch context, to ride good honest horses in the wide open spaces of Wyoming, to eventually own a horse, to relive a childhood experience on a grandfather’s ranch, in preparation for veterinary school, to fulfill a dream, to get over a fear, to improve horsemanship, to learn about Wyoming, to move to Wyoming, to learn to be a wrangler, to get a job recommendation… In other words, there are as many reasons to be an Intern at HorseWorks as there are riders. Learn more!

Regardless of your initial reasons for coming, get acquainted with the West, the horses, the ranch, the people and the opportunities that horses can open up for you!

See Contact Us to speak with former Interns in the USA and around the world about visas and flights or their first-hand experience.  We will be at the airport to welcome you!  *E-mail us to discuss opportunities for riders under eighteen.

We are proud to work with Real Gap www.xtremegap.co.uk to offer the USA Ranch Volunteer Programme near Cody, Wyoming. 

HorseWorks Wyoming, 3591 Brown Lane, Thermopolis, WY  82443

"Call me Wild Man," he said as he ran past in the alley, "and don't even think about getting your hands on me!"

So, I set about the usual - pressure till he turned to my direction, release... repeat...
Then Winston the goat strutted past, "MaeCile, let me show you how to sack out a colt."

"You just stick your head between his front legs like this, see?

Then hook your horn on his leg and pick up his leg till he relaxes, then release. Piece of cake!"

So, I gave in to the goat. We both walked to the colt together and sure enough, the colt let me pet him all over and work up to putting the rope around him. You just never know what training aids will appear when you walk out the door to go play with the colts!

Keep an open mind 🙂 Seize the moment!

For your opportunity to work with our horses and learn colt training with Winston check out our internships on www.horseworkswyoming.com or message us on FB. Spring Break Booking Deadline 31st Dec. Summer/Fall Discounts Expire 31st December.

#ColtTraining #Coltstarting

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Ranch/Wrangler Internships - Spring Break Specials and Summer-Fall Discounts (final booking deadline Dec 31, 2017). Email ride@horseworkswyoming.com. HorseWorks Wyoming is a proud sponsor of the American Pre-Vet Medical Association (APVMA). ...

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Look who arrived at HorseWorks Wyoming today!!! Scarlet and baby are well and, wow, is it active! Clearer pictdures to follow! ...

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Gift Certificates for Riding Lessons - Need a Christmas gift for a child who loves horses, but doesn't have one and has not had much interaction with them? Give an introductory two hour lesson that includes proper grooming and tacking up, staying safe around horses, rein management and riding - all the basics. Email ride@horseworkswyoming.com or text 307-921-9555. Big Horn Basin Area (Thermopolis, Worland, Cody, WY) ...

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HorseWorks' 1, 2, & 3-week Wyoming Working Ranch Internships immerse you in ranch life for your Spring Break or Summer Internship.
Discounts expire Dec 31, 2017.
Proud sponsor of the American Pre-Vet Medical Association (APVMA).

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