Welcome to HorseWorks Wyoming

HorseWorks Wyoming Offers Ranch Internships of various durations to meet your goals.

Our ranch offers basically everything to do with ranch life!  Wrangle horses, feed cows, calves, foals, go for long and short trail rides, and many opportunities to improve your horsemanship both in and out of the arena!   See what former Interns say on our Facebook pages.  Please message us any time if you have questions about activities and availability.

Do you like the idea of riding on a working horse ranch in the American West, of deer walking past your cabin door, of seeing antelope and elk, of experiencing the peacefulness of ranch life and nature?

Riders eighteen years of age and older* of any experience level and background come to HorseWorks for a variety of reasons: to learn about riding and horses in a ranch context, to ride good honest horses in the wide open spaces of Wyoming, to eventually own a horse, to relive a childhood experience on a grandfather’s ranch, in preparation for veterinary school, to fulfill a dream, to get over a fear, to improve horsemanship, to learn about Wyoming, to move to Wyoming, to learn to be a wrangler, to get a job recommendation… In other words, there are as many reasons to be an Intern at HorseWorks as there are riders. Learn more!

Regardless of your initial reasons for coming, get acquainted with the West, the horses, the ranch, the people and the opportunities that horses can open up for you!

Extra Session just added June 18-23, 2017!  

Deposit deadline: Enjoy discounted prices for reservations received by Dec 31, 2016!   

See Contact Us to speak with former Interns in the USA and around the world who will happily answer your questions based on their first-hand experience.

We are proud to work with Real Gap www.realgap.co.uk to offer the USA Ranch Volunteer Programme near Cody, Wyoming.

*E-mail us to discuss opportunities for riders under eighteen.

Interns getting cell service for the first time since being at HorseWorks 🙂 Captured by Alexandra Susan ...

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"I had such an amazing time at HorseWorks in the summer 🙂 Here is part of my holiday video." with Hannah Walsh, Amy Gibson, Andrew Tomlinson, Eleanor Wettern ...

I had such an amazing time at HorseWorks in the summer 🙂 Here is part of my holiday video Hannah Walsh Amy Gibson Andrew Tomlinson Eleanor Wettern MaeCile Brown

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HorseWorks Wyoming added 6 new photos to the album: Some Fav Pics of 2016 — with Aly van der Meulen and Ava Drake"http://facebook.com/10210652758824351">Jess King. ...

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Former Interns (2016 or before): REFER a new Intern
for March 19th, April 23rd, August 27th or October 1st 2017,
one, two or three week sessions, and after they book,
receive a discount on your own return trip to HorseWorks,
OR a 20% referral fee wired to your bank account.

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GIFT! On the Fourth Day of Christmas, HorseWorks gave to me...
by Ali Hutchinson
"...valuable lessons that taught me the basics of horse training, how to gain all the horses' trust and the signs that show they are relaxed and willing to learn. Of course after the training you get to spend wonderful time with all the animals, especially the calves, which are adorable."


HorseWorks gave to me...

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