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HorseWorks Wyoming Offers Day Rides and Ranch Internships

Do you like the idea of riding on a working horse ranch in the American West, of deer walking past your cabin door, of seeing antelope and elk, of experiencing the peacefulness of ranch life and nature?

Riders eighteen years of age and older* of any experience level and background come to HorseWorks for a variety of reasons: to learn about riding and horses in a ranch context, to ride good honest horses in the wide open spaces of Wyoming, to eventually own a horse, to relive a childhood experience on a grandfather's ranch, in preparation for veterinary school, to fulfill a dream, to get over a fear, to improve horsemanship, to learn about Wyoming, to move to Wyoming, to learn to be a wrangler, to get a job recommendation... In other words, there are as many reasons to be an Intern at HorseWorks as there are riders. Learn more!

*E-mail us to discuss opportunities for riders under eighteen.

Regardless of your initial reasons for coming, get acquainted with the West, the horses, the ranch, the people and the opportunities that horses can open up for you!

2015 DATES

March 22-April 10 (April Session)
April 26-May 15 (May Session)
May 31-June 19 (June Session)
July 5-24 (July Session)
Aug 9-28 (August Session)
Aug 30-Sept 18 (September Session)
October 4-23 (October Session)

Pat Wyse Clinic – Montana – www.horsewyse.com
June 21-26
June 28-July 3
July 5-10

See Programs & Dates for more information.

We are proud to work with Real Gap to offer the USA Ranch Volunteer Programme near Cody, Wyoming. For more information on gap year adventure travel & volunteer work abroad, visit www.realgap.co.uk.

Horses & Sales

Seasoned ranch and trail horses may include breeds such as Paso Finos, Peruvian Pasos, Fiords, Appaloosas, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Morgans, Tennessee Walkers, Missouri Fox Trotters, Welch Cobbs, Belgians, Paints, Mustangs, or Percherons. Affordable delivery.

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